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Some of the main purposes of Integra® Junior Association

      Integra® Junior is association, which purpose is also to cooperate for the development and realization of educational projects on national, European and international level, connected with different spheres of professional development, humanities, intellectual and aesthetic culture and aimed at assisting personal realization and social adaptation and integration.

      SUBJECT OF ACTIVITY OF INTEGRA® JUNIOR ASSOCIATION MAINLY IS organization of educational seminars, qualification activities, discussions for development and adoption of competent behavioral models for coping with daily hardships and for developing a sense of duty, psychic and physical strength, constructive lifestyle.

      We also work for cooperatation for the development of alternative forms of work with children and teenagers; organization of sports and tourist events, incentives for the obtaining of knowledge and work routine, as well as cultivation of aesthetic taste in children and teenagers through the forms of art.

      Activity of our association is also coordination of its members activities for joint operations in view of establishing effective practices for alleviation of the negative effects from traumatic experiences of children on an unequal footing; conducting of operative meetings and conferences;organization of different forms of education.