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Certificate for Integra® Network Academy's Registration

      The Integra Association will be one of the founders of the new association BANA - the Bulgarian Association of Network Academies, which will be founded in March 2006. It will be a NGO with the primary purpose being the protection of the rights and interests of all member academies, coordination of their activity, stimulating the education in information and communication technologies in Bulgaria and supporting present and former CISCO students.

      To achieve its end, the Association will establish itself as a principal unit for coordinating the CISCO academies in the country, issue informational bulletins for its members, as well as developing a web site and portal for job vacancies. BANA will provide the academies with information on new CISCO products and services, cooperate with the Bulgarian Government and other NGOs, bring into line the curriculum and coordinate the CISCO academies and will open a Telephone Consultations Center. It is expected that the Association will advertise the CISCO curriculum and the academies in Bulgaria, provide information on regional and local academies (contacts, courses, prices, etc.), assist students in finding prestigious jobs in the IT and communication technologies sphere in Bulgaria and abroad, and initializing “Careers” programs for students. There will be a database created with the inclusion of present and former students, the organization of conferences, seminars, traineeships, etc.